Investasia Capital & Asset Management Limited

Our Services

Our Services

The investment platform will be available to impact asset managers to assist with sourcing & screening potential impact investees, portfolio management and impact measurement for analytical & reporting purposes.

Responsible Growth

Investasia was founded on the core principle that the goal of development should shift from conventional economic growth to responsible growth. At Investasia, we believe that the long-term costs of many commercial endeavors to humanity and the environment are very real. Thus our goal is to facilitate growth of Bangladeshi enterprises that have a positive impact on the society and the environment: from creating jobs and stimulating growth to reducing pollution and syndication in fresh food value chains.

The Investasia ecosystem

Investasia works with established partners, including financial institutions, think tanks and associations to enhance impact financing for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established SMEs in various sectors through innovative instruments. With its partners, Investasia is bringing to Bangladesh, the first-of-its-class institutional MSME-focused impact fund that will provide the underserved MSMEs of Bangladesh access to finance with the ultimate goal of promoting socially responsible business activities.

Institutional & Global Experience

The directors & senior management of Investasia bring with them decades of global and local experience in investment banking, investment management and traditional banking.